The Fine Print
  • When you order through Minor Matters Books, the sales transaction is completed at the time of purchase. The retail price of $50 plus shipping will be deducted from your account immediately.
  • Funds accumulated through purchase for each project will be not be accessed or utilized by Minor Matters until a project has met its minimum number of orders.
  • If a book project does not achieve its minimum, you will have the option of applying those funds to another project, or you will be refunded the total amount less any transaction charges your bank may assess.
  • Books sold are non-returnable.
  • Minor Matters is not liable or responsible for any book not receiving its minimum number of orders. It in no way may be construed as false advertising if a book promoted is not produced.

    Privacy Notice

  • Your contact information is used only to communicate with you regarding our projects, and is not shared with other organizations beyond what is necessary to complete the sale and fulfillment of books. 
  • Minor Matters does not store your financial information, unless as a Legacy Publisher you have authorized us to do so.