Minor Matters Books


Why $50 plus shipping?
$50 has been the average price of an art book over the last 40 years; we’re keeping it as affordable and as accessible as we can, while still having funds to work with to develop a beautiful and well-produced book. 

Books ship directly to you, so our $9.95 shipping rate for each book within the United States covers not only mailing, but individual packaging for each book. Bulk orders of 15 or more are not individually packaged and have discounted shipping rates. 

International shipping rates of a flat $50 are what it costs us to ship USPS to most countries; while we recognise that it's a lot, we do not alter our pricing internationally based on currency, and it is the most affordable way we can get a book to you. We have shipped books throughout the world—our unique titles are worth owning! 

Why 500 sales?
We are interested in cultural resonance, and in community. It is our belief that if we cannot generate a minimum of 500 sales within a reasonable period of time, then the work may find its public life in forms other than a printed book, and these days there are plenty of options. 500 orders at $50 is a break-even financial proposition; it demonstrates, however, that an audience exists for the book in printed form. 

Do you continue selling books after the minimum is reached?
Yes! Only the first 500 people who purchase are credited in the book, but we continue to take pre-sales, and then we sell books through our website and through our independent retail partners once the book is produced. It can take up to six months after a book has achieved its minimum to ship out, depending on the writing, design, and printing. 

What happens if 500 people don’t commit?
If within a maximum six-month promotion period we do not secure a minimum of 500 sales, we refund the payments from those who did commit to purchase, or allow them to transfer their commitment to another book. The artist may use the initial concept development to pursue other publishing opportunities provided Minor Matters is credited.

Can I buy the book elsewhere?
Books are pre-sold exclusively through minormattersbooks.com; titles in print are available nationally and internationally through our independent retail partners, and through our site. We do not sell our books on Amazon, as we prefer to privilege and highlight the good taste of independent booksellers. 

Do artists pay you to be published?
No. We approach artists based on the merit of their work, and the likelihood of a successful sales cycle, and execute contracts with those who express their willingness and desire to work with us and within the Minor Matters model.

Are artists paid?
Artists typically receive 100 copies of the book when it goes into production, and royalties on sales over 1,000 copies.

Are you a print on demand publisher?
No. We do not print single copies to order through digital printing; we only produce books that achieve their pre-sale minimum. From conceptual development through the editorial, design, and production process, we follow traditional book publishing procedures. Books are printed on acid-free, archival paper using offset lithography for maximum control and excellence in artwork reproduction.

Why does it take so long to get the book once the minimum sales are achieved?
We exist in an instant world today, but the form of the book has evolved for over 1,000 years, and we honor this tradition by taking the time to do it right. There are many steps to bring a book into being, and through our newsletter and social media we’ll keep you informed along the way.

Our books should be on the planet long after we are gone. We want them to be as good as we can possibly make them, not just for now, and for you, but for the future.