Featured title: I Miss You Already by Shen Wei

"When I first saw the film Basic Instinct as a teenager in an underground cinema in Shanghai, I was not so shocked by the sex and violence in the film but by the realization of how other people, including myself, are so numb to ideas of intimacy, sexuality, and love. 

Since moving to the United States, my need for self-expression has grown, and my curiosity about how others address their identity in what is a fairly open society has increased. I am fascinated with the complexity of emotional nakedness and explore this through my work."

—Shen Wei

Though the United States thinks of itself as progressive, and in many ways it is, controversy is still easily stimulated around visualization of the human form, particularly through photography. All too frequently nudity is automatically associated with illicit behavior, without regard for the intention of the photograph or of the photographer. Association with representation of the human body is still forbidden by even socially-aware corporations that equate nudity with underage drinking and drug use, implying it is essentially illegal, and drawing no distinction between abusive images of sexual control and exploitation, and sculptural, psychological, intimate studies of the human condition through the bodies we occupy. Once again it is the realm and responsibility of contemporary art to challenge these assumptions.

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